Graeme is RIHT’s founder, team leader, lead mechanical designer and a 2nd year Masters student studying aerospace engineering.  After having worked as a design and analysis engineering intern at aircraft landing gear designer and manufacturer Safran Landing Systems in Ajax, Ont., Graeme had the idea to translate his working knowledge of aircraft landing gear design into modular design of a deployable wheel system concept that could be integrated into almost any Hyperloop pod design.  


He lead a team of seven graduate students into the second phase of the SpaceX design competition to be held in August 2016.



Moeid is one of three founding members of the RIHT alongside Graeme Klim and Min Prasad Adhikari.  He came to Ryerson University for his master’s degree with a strong background in aviation and mathematics and was the project leader of a winning RC aircraft competition design team and the president of the mathematics society at the Institute of Space Technology (IST) in Islamabad, Pakistan.  

As a 2nd year Masters student experienced in vibration analysis and control methods as part of his master’s thesis work, Moeid was the team's analysis lead.



Min is the third founding member of RIHT and the electronics and controls team leader.  He has a strong background in control systems being in his 2nd year of completing his PhD in aerospace engineering.  

He was primarily responsible for the design and integration of the electronics and controls system for the Hyperloop deployable wheel system.



Wintta is a 2nd year Masters student in aerospace engineering who brings her industry and design team experience, working at AeroVelo Inc. and the Ryerson Rocketry Club, to the Ryerson’s Hyperloop team.  She joined the electronics  and controls team in April looking for new engineering challenges and ability to share her existing expertise with the team.  We are excited to have her on board!



As of September 2016, Tayo is in his last undergraduate year of the Aerospace Engineering program at Ryerson University.

After being the Electronics team leader of the Ryerson Cansat Team for two consecutive years, Tayo has gained high confidence in his self-taught electronic hardware and software development skills. He Currently develops CubeSats with various Labs at Ryerson and York University.His drive to find more sophisticated engineering challenges brought him to the Hyperloop team.



Jesse is a 3rd year aerospace engineering undergraduate and the current Chief Executive of the digital marketing firm, and corporate sponsor of RIHT, 7C Laboratories. He joined the team in April 2016 as webmaster and works to promote RIHT's success using his company's renowned marketing techniques and production team, while increasing the team's reach and presence online.




(BEng, PEng)

Steve is a Senior Design Engineer with over 22 years of experience with conceptual and detail design of: aircraft primary and secondary structure, systems routing, aircraft interiror, landing gear oleos and many more aspects of aircraft design. Steve currently works at Safran Landing Systems where Graeme was fortunate to be mentored by him during his internship. Graeme recruited Steve as an advisor for the deployable wheel system design. Steve's advice in the conceptual and detail design phase was be beneficial during the design of the shock strut and deployment acturator.

Dr. Seyed M. Hashemi

(Team Supervisor)

Dr. Hashemi is a professor of Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University. Dr Hashemi’s general areas of interest and expertise cover the fields of aerospace structures, mechanical vibrations and aerospace manufacturing. Dr. Hashemi’s expertise in computational structural dynamics, stability, vibrations and design proved to be an invaluable resource throughout detailed design process.

Faizan Rehmatullah is an Aerospace Engineer from University of Toronto; he is currently doing his MASc in controls at the Institute of Aerospace Studies at U of T and also works as performance analyst at Safran Landing Systems. With expertise in control engineering, Faizan advised the RIHT electronics and controls team. 

Previous Memebers: Julia Tsaltas, Andrei Khramtsov, Upasana Choudhuri, Mobina Movahedi

Clément Rodrigues

(BEng, MASc)

Clément graduated with a Master’s degree in Mechanical and Electrical engineering in his home country of France. Clément moved to Toronto in 2014 to work as a performance engineer on the Bombardier Global 7000/8000 aircraft landing gear team at Safran Landing Systems. Clément's experience and knowledge in dynamic simulation will be useful to the team when questions arise with respect to the systems behaviour and performance. Clément and Grame set out in the summer of 2015 to form what would be an award winning subsystems team.



(MASc, PEng)

Primoz has a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University.  Primoz works as an Engineering Specialist in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson.  Primoz provides engineering support to undergraduate labs and research facilities in the areas of controls, avionics, space, and robotics.  Primoz supported he team in its control system design and development efforts.  



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