RIHT completes successful single system testing at Safran Landing Systems!

Over the last 2 months members from Ryerson's International Hyperloop Team have been busy conducting full system testing on the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System (HDWS). The team was given the opportunity to conduct these tests at Safran Landing Systems (Toronto) with the help and support of senior test engineers, fitting staff and Safran Landing Systems' VP Systems and Testing, Grant Minnes.

Taking place in Safran's test facility, the testing of HDWS 1 (our first unit, pictured above, installed in its test fixture) was designed to simulate the high-speed conditions it would see inside the SpaceX Hyperloop test track. Yes, that means we were going REALLY fast, 220 MPH fast to be exact. A series of tests were designed and carried out to verify system performance that included: varying the pod acceleration/deceleration rates, applying a wide range of loading conditions, and even simulating failed/delayed wheel system retractions.

During each test our team used an assortment of measurement equipment that allowed us to not only visually gage the systems' performance but also quantify it. Data collection included the use of: High Speed Camera (HSC) footage (1000fps), wheel speed data (RPM) using an opto-reflector, vibration monitoring using accelerometers and wheel surface temperature monitoring through the use of an infrared thermometer.

We're excited to be able to share some sample video footage from our testing that clearly shows our system is capable of withstanding the loads and speeds that it would see on the SpaceX Hyperloop test track.

Test Video 1: Test Case 4 - 220 MPH Cruise, 2.4 G Acceleration/Deceleration loading

Test Video 2: Test Case 3 - 220 MPH Cruise, 2.0 G Acceleration/Deceleration loading

Stay tuned for more video to be released in the coming days and weeks!

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