Behind the scenes with 7C and RIHT

Ryerson's International Hyperloop Team (RIHT) has been fortunate to work with 7C Laboratories, a Toronto-based marketing & advertising firm, that specializes in digital design, and media production, for the last 8 months.

The team at 7C has made it their objective to ensure that the public and brand image of our team remains strong, allowing our innovative subsystem concept to be presented to the world in the best possible way. Our relationship with 7C enabled them to closely document our team's progress, hardships, and triumphs. We're fortunate at RIHT to not only be able to highlight the engineering process and the final product, but also tell the world about the great people involved on our team.

We're excited to announce that 7C Laboratories has been working on a documentary about our team and the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System (HDWS). Their documentary-esq piece will follow the team from spring 2016 through the final stage of the Hyperloop competition taking place in California from January 27-29th in 2017. 7C has been busy preparing a reveal trailer in addition to the documentary that will be complete before the competition, showing the HDWS in all of it's glory.

Check out some behind the scenes images in the gallery below from some of 7C's video and photoshoots!

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