FLASHBACK: Safran Landing Systems hosts the first HDWS reveal attracting over 170 employees!

Did you know that Safran Landing Systems has been involved with our team since its inception in the summer of 2015? Actually, the idea to form a team was originally conceived by three employees of Safran Landing Systems: an intern (Ryerson University), an exchange graduate from France, and a senior design engineer. The team has since evolved to incorporate additional students from Ryerson University and the rest is history!

Returning to our roots it seemed only right that Safran Landing Systems be the place where the first functioning Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System (HDWS) be unveiled to the public for the very first time. So, on October 31, 2016, members of the team (both students and advisors) proudly demonstrated the HDWS's first steps into history. The unveiling event, consisting of a 20 minute presentation and 10 minute live demonstration, attracted over 170+ employees within Safran Landing Systems.

Thank you, Safran, for your support throughout this exciting journey!

#Safran #RyersonUniversity #Hyperlooop #HDWS #HyperloopDeployableWheelSystem

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