MYC Graphics Inc. prepares RIHT for the big show!

We are pleased to announce MYC Graphics Inc. as our 20th sponsor as we prepare to demonstrate our award winning subsystem on January 29th at the first annual SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. The conclusion of Competition I, taking place outside of SpaceX HQ (downtown LA), will feature 29 pod teams that will be racing their pods in the SpaceX test track and we've been invited to present our work as a stand alone unit.

MYC Graphics Inc., founded in 2008, is a highly successful full service print company located in the Greater Toronto Area. Their printing services include business card, brochures, flyers and poster, Large Format printing of banners, canvases, decals, stickers, car wraps and fleet graphics. MYC also carries display systems such as roll-up banners that when combined with their exceptional print quality create attractive and vibrant displays for any event.

Our partnership with MYC Graphics Inc. sets our team up for a visually stunning demonstration booth to complement our beautiful designs.

For more information about MYC Graphics Inc. please visit their website.

#MYC #RyersonUniversity #HDWS

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