Kamatics equips RIHT's Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System with it's Specialty Bearings!

Kamatics - also known as Kaman Specialty Bearings and Engineering Products - designs, tests and manufactures high-performance bearings and drive systems for operational critical parts throughout a wide range of demanding industries including aerospace.

Since the Hyperloop will operate in a near-vacuum environment, 0.125 psi or less, pod and subsystem design engineers must consider the effects of low pressures throughout all aspects of design. One critical aspect that effected the design of the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel Subsystem (HDWS) was joint lubrication.

Typically, most aerospace and automotive applications make use of semisolid lubricants like grease. Unfortunately, standard aerospace and automotive greases would begin to evaporate in a near vacuum environment and thus become ineffective as a lubricant. To tackle this issue a designer could make use of specialized vacuum greases or move to a solid-based lubricant alternative. In our case, we turned to the experts at Kamatics for help!

The HDWS uses Kamatics specialized KAron lined journal and spherical bearings at all our rotating joints. By selecting the KAron lined bearings we helped eliminate the issues associated with a low-pressure near-vacuum environment. As an added side effect we reduced the maintenance requirements of our system by eliminating the need to grease the joints after a specified number of cycles.

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