Altair and RIHT present at the Society of Allied Weight Engineers conference in Montreal, Quebec!

Most people know that weight reduction is a key consideration when designing the latest and greatest spacecraft, aircraft and ground vehicles. But did you know that there is a whole engineering society dedicated to this practice?

The Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) is a professional society of engineers developed to promote the importance of mass properties engineering and they’ve been one of our sponsors since our team’s inception.

RIHT is proud to have been invited to speak, alongside our sponsor Altair, at the SAWE’s most recent regional conference that took place from November 4-5th in Montreal, Quebec. Although our team was unable to attend the event due to scheduling constraints we partnered with Altair to provide an audience of mass properties engineers a presentation highlighting a key weight savings initiative taken while developing the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System (HDWS): the use of topology optimization.

Thank you Altair for presenting the work we accomplished through your sponsorship and thank you to the SAWE for the opportunity to present our work at your regional conference.

Want to learn more about SAWE? Check their website at:

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