Additive Manufacturing and Optimization meet Hyperloop!

Ryerson’s International Hyperloop Team (RIHT) is very excited to share some of our latest developments as a result of our sponsorships from Altair and Burloak Technologies Inc.

Some background:

Altair: Altair Engineering provides advanced engineering products and services, such as product design and development, engineering software and cloud computing solutions. Altair is well known for its HyperWorks line of software and its solidThinking industrial design software.

Burloak Technologies Inc.: Burloak Technologies Inc. is Canada’s leading manufacturer of highly engineered additive metal and plastic components. Burloak provides solutions for demanding applications in the space, aerospace and defense sectors, just to name a few

The goal:

Take full advantage of additive metal manufacturing (AMM) capabilities provided by Burloak by using Altair’s simulation driven design software, Inspire, to generate a highly efficient (mass and stiffness) design using topology optimization.

The process:

The Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System’s (HDWS) electronic drive motor bracket was selected as a design for AMM candidate. Given the bulkiness of most market solutions and their overdesigned features it was decided that this would be the perfect candidate.

Machine from solid aluminium motor bracket pictured above.

The design space, where optimization is performed, was selected within Inspire using the CAD data provided by CATIA V5. Expected load cases, constraints and material properties were applied using Inspire’s analysis interface. Optimization parameters were set to maximize stiffness while simultaneously reducing the mass of the part.

Bracket design space (magenta) and non-design space (grey) defined.

After performing multiple iterations with varying parameters the optimized outputs provided important insight into the projected load paths.

Sample of optimization results based on assigned loading and constraints pictured above.

Using Inspire’s built in design software, Polynurbs, the additive manufacturing candidate was drawn directly over the optimization result interpreted by the designer.

Sample of Inspire's Polynurbs design process.

The bracket is analyzed and modified within Inspire in order to ensure that performance parameters are met.

The Result:

As a result of our sponsorships from Altair and Burloak Technologies Inc. our designers had the opportunity to utilize cutting edge design and analysis optimization software as well as state of the art additive metal manufacturing technologies.

Additive Metal Manufactured AlSi10Mg motor bracket shown above.

The newly designed motor mount bracket, printed from AlSi10Mg using Burloak’s Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) systems, resulted in a bracket that was 4X lighter than its baseline machine-from-solid design.

RIHT currently uses these AMM brackets on our HDWS and look forward to displaying our use of this advanced manufacturing technology in California this January!

#RyersonUniversity #Altair #BurloakTechnologies #INSPIRE #solidThinking

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