Testing on the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System has Begun!

Over the past few weeks our team has begun testing our designs at the component level at the test facilities of our sponsor Safran Landing Systems (Ajax). Testing has been conducted on our polyurethane wheels and our oleo-pneumatic shock absorber sub-assemblies.

Tests conducted on the polyurethane wheels were designed to represent the acceleration and deceleration profiles of pods traveling within the SpaceX Hyperloop Test Track. This track is being constructed adjacent to SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne California. By combining the resources provided by multiple sponsors our team has been able to acquire valuable data that will enable us to certify the wheels for use in the SpaceX competition. Some of this data includes real-time thermal profile monitoring, surface temperature monitoring and the use of a high-speed camera which will allow us to visualize any deformations occurring to the wheel during the tests. Using Safran's wheel spin-up fixture, fitted with a custom aluminum fly-wheel that represents the tube's smooth aluminum surface, our polyurethane wheel is capable of testing at speeds up to 7200 Rpm or 213 Mph (342 Kph)!

The performance of our shock absorber is currently being tested and verified using a test fixture at Safran Landing Systems, which we equipped with a few interface modifications. These tests will allow us to verify the performance of the oleo-pneumatic strut that aids in providing a smooth ride for the pod.

Stay tuned for more updates coming your way!

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