RIHT Attends The International Economic Forum Of The Americas, Meets Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd

Attendants from Left to Right: Tayo Shonibare, Moeid Elahi, Graeme Klim, Wintta Ghebreiyesus, Seyed Hashemi, Jesse Brito (Not Pictured), Clément Rodrigues (Not Pictured).

Ryerson's International Hyperloop Team recently attended the International Economic Forum of the Americas, where we had the the opportunity to listen in as some of the top industry leaders discussed the future of transportation, hyperloop technology and the potential of disruptive advancements such as the hyperloop and autonomous vehicles.

The team also had the opportunity to sit down with Hyperloop One CEO, Rob Lloyd, and discussed their Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System as well as learn from the experiences Mr. Lloyd has had developing the first test-ready prototype of the propulsion system, as well as being at the forefront of the commercial hyperloop technology market.

Mr. Lloyd also called on RIHT multiple times during his panel on the future of transportation, which you can see below:

You can also watch the entire discussion here:

#7CLaboratories #HyperloopOne #RyersonUniversity

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