Assembly Update: Bushings and Sphericals Installation

Over the last 2 weeks our team has begun the first stages of the assembly process, putting us on track for a full product demonstration by the end of the month. The first step in our assembly process was to install the bushings and spherical bearings into our structural parts. We are proud to present our first video footage, shown above, documenting just a taste of our most recent work on the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System.

Since the Hyperloop will operate in low pressure near vacuum tube, our team had to consider design challenges associated with this environment. One of the most apparent effects, outgassing, was tackled by using solid-based lubricants instead of typical bearing grease. With this in mind RIHT selected Kamatics corporation's KAron lined bearings for all our rotating joints to ensure that the system will perform optimally even in near vacuum conditions. We hope you enjoyed the photos and video and we can't wait to show you more!

#Kamatics #7CLaboratories

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