Manufacturing Update: Primary Components Nearing Completion!

Since initiating the manufacturing process in May our team has worked diligently with our machinist to bring the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System to fruition. We are pleased to announce that our manufacturing is entering its final stages and are very pleased to share with you some images which highlight the process.

Since our first manufacturing update back in the beginning of June our team has come a long way with the help of our machinist and design/analysis advisors. Some of the main structural components pictured in the gallery above include: the shock absorber piston, trailing arm, main structural pins, torque links, filler tube and the roughed out profile of our retraction housing.

We are very excited to announce that we have begun the first stages of the assembly process that includes the installation of some of our spherical and journal bearings as well as our static and dynamic seals.

Stay tuned!

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