Manufacturing Update: Completion of First Primary Structural Components

Over the last 3 weeks, with the help of our local machinist and sponsors, we began manufacturing several of the Hyperloop Deployable Wheel System’s primary structural components. We are pleased to share with you some images of our recent progress.

To date our machinist has completed the ACME retraction nut and the shock absorber gland nut, both made from aluminum bronze. They have also partially completed the steel shock absorber outer cylinder, which is fitted with an external ACME thread. Each of these components has been optimized for manufacturing and sized for anticipated loads while maintaining their design functions. Simplifications were applied wherever possible to reduce manufacturing costs and lead times to remain within our budget and on schedule.

To ensure all of our parts will function as required our designs go through an internal release process where they are checked by our design advisors for accurate tolerance stack ups and correct use of GD&T. Our advisors also check that standard industry practices are followed whenever possible. RIHT is very fortunate to have access to a wide variety of industry standards and best practices through our sponsors AIA, IHS, NAS and SAE. These standards and best practices allow our team to design and manufacture industrial quality components.

Stay posted for more updates in the weeks to come!


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